I’m tired  exhausted stressed down  not really here right now, but I’ll try to scratch out the best of the week and put it together. Also, this intro will be the shortest for like probably… ever?

Enough said, now to Awkward and Awesome!


  • Stress induced sleeping problems featuring headaches. Waiting for better days…
  • Having a 9 hour shift today starting at 6:30. Long and exceedingly boring. I mean, boooo-ring.
  • Waking up at 2am last night to help out my roommate who had a violent attack of food poisoning.  She’s alright now though. Luckily.
  • My flight back home being cancelled. Oh well, there’ll be other flights.
  • Israel. It’s a crazyland. Trust me.


  • Playing some basketball this week! Haven’t done that in years!
  • It’s starting to be so warm here now!
  • Buying two (TWO!!!) pairs of new shoes. New Converse type sneakers and some short boots. The boots have a furry inside, though, so I won’t be wearing those in the summer. But it was amazing to find women’s shoes here in my size. Winning, like literaltively.
  • Finding a cool grocery store called Eden in the Big outlets. It reminds me of Whole Foods. Tatiana and I are two happy Americans every time we visit the place.
  • Learning new things about myself. I know, I know,  it’s a cliché to say this. But still, sometimes clichés are awesome.
  • Some reasonably crazy inside jokes I have with Tatiana. I would say we’re pretty good friends now.
  • My plans for baking a banana bread tomorrow in celebration of Friday. Banana bread..it’s been too long (a week) since the last.
  • I have tomorrow and Saturday off. You have no idea how much sleeping those two days will involve. I’ll do my best to exhaust myself with some REM cycles.
  • Going brunette again. The blonde was nice, but it was just the wrong blonde. Anyways, I love the new color now. It’s a darker brown, and I’ve been getting sooo many compliments. Feels nice.

Well, happy Thursday and have a good Women’s Day if you’re a woman! 🙂