The missile rain from last week has stopped and this week we’ve been coping with other invasions. Last week some of the staff from the hostel quite literally walked in from our apartment door and basically moved an extra bed into Tatiana’s and my room in one quick moment. Now we three girls are living in one little bedroom. On Monday our boss called me and told me to open the front door: the new volunteers have arrived. And they really were there when I hung up the phone. So…now there’s 5 people in a two bedroom apartment. The good news is we can’t fit anymore volunteers in here (or at least that’s what I think, who knows what the bosses have in mind, though…). Sigh. Yesterday the co-ordinator for ALL volunteers in Israel came to check things out, and we agreed that we’ll give it a 2 month try, and if by that time the new facilities aren’t open … well, we can always find new jobs.

Nevertheless, it’s Thursday and I’m ready to do this!


  • We still can’t figure out the names of our twin Korean roommates. I think one of them is called something like Jung Sun and the other is Tsun Sun. Or something. Actually, I really don’t know.
  • The way the new volunteers are treated. Our boss basically handed a map of the city and their working schedules to them and told them to be in place X at X time. And nothing else. Mind you, the twin brothers speak very little English and this city can be quite confusing even when you have map. Tatiana and I are helping them out as much as we can, and today we showed them the way to the hostels. But sometimes the treatment of the volunteers here just pisses me off.
  • The house I’m working in got some new paint on the door frames and counter tops the other day. We have one counter top that I sit on and fold laundry on after the friends (=autistics) go to sleep. Between 9-10pm there really isn’t much to do at work. Anyway, I was sitting and folding laundry the other day and when I stood up the seat of my jeans had totally stuck on the sticky, newly painted counter top, and now the hostel has the profile of my butt as a memory of me. It was rather embarrasing (I don’t have a small butt), although funny too. But don’t worry, my jeans didn’t get any paint spots.
  • I’m sick. AGAIN. This is the third time. Tatiana is also sick again. She has tonsillitis (don’t worry, she saw a doctor). Both of us think it’s odd how often we’re sick here, since neither of us get sick as often in our home countries.


  • I’m baking a beetroot chocolate cake! Can’t wait to taste this one! (It’s still in the oven so I can’t tell you yet what it’s like)
  • Yesterday I bought a very nice new watch, three shirts, a new wallet and a necklace. Big time shopping!! Winning.
  • My bed is too short for me, and now with the new arrangement in the room, the bed is next to the door. My roommates suffer from this greatly since my feet stick out, and they can’t open the door to go to the bathroom in the night with my feet in the way. We’ve had some hilarious moments because of this.
  • I’m flying to Seattle this summer to be with family!!!!! [insert lots of hearts here]

Well, the cake is out of the oven now so I think I’m signing off. Have a happy Thursday! 🙂