Yesterday our bosses took us three volunteers out for a fun day in Jerusalem. Our first stop was the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, which was simply amazing. It was a gorgeous, sunny and warm day in Jerusalem, and there weren’t too many people at the zoo, so it was  rather a perfect time to visit. Also, spring time in Jerusalem is prrrettayh!

Here are the three of us from left to right: Nora, me and Tatiana. Or just Germany, Finland and USA represented.

The zoo had some really cute penguins, which entertained all the kids and me. Sometimes I’m one of those overexcited adults… 🙂

I’ve never seen elephants in a zoo (or in wild!), so these graceful mammals were probably my fave of all. I was super enthusiastic about seeing the giraffes and hippos too, but our schedule for the day was too tight, so we ended up missing half of the animals in the zoo. It made me a little 😦 .

But there was this little amazing bird, which totally captured our attention. The color of it and the details on its head were so beautiful! 

After the zoo we stopped at a little town outside of Jerusalem called Abu Gosh for lunch. I had mentioned that I LOVE hoummus, so we went to a small hoummus/falafel restaurant, which is apparently quite famous for its several kinds of hoummus dishes. We had a really tasty lunch, and then we headed out to our last destination.

Mini Israel!, were every place in Israel is built in miniature size. For me the best part of the last stop was seeing all the green fields surrounding the sight. Since my move to Israel, I have seen very little of grass, trees and practically anything green. Beersheva isn’t exactly Eden (even if the starry night skies and the desert can be quite evocative and beautiful).

Although Mini Israel was fun, we (the volunteers) all agreed that it would’ve been nicer to stay at the zoo longer and see more of the amazing fauna of the world. Sigh. I’m still thinking about the giraffes I didn’t get to see … 

Nevertheless, the day was great fun, and it did good to get out of dusty little Beersheva for at least the day. I’m also very uncapable of taking serious photography, and now we have some ridiculous memories of our day out. I mean, SMILE!