I swear this has turned into a dog blog now with Oscar in my life. I promise I have a life! I think. Oh well.

It’s been a while since I took part in this Thursday activity, so I’ll jump back on the wagon again! Enjoy!


  • Baking in the afternoon heat. Takes some of the fun out of it.
  • Oscar chasing all the street cats he sees. And since there are about 20 cats just after the first corner, you can imagine what walking him for two blocks is like!
  • The EU regulations for dogs. Not awkward, but rather ridiculous!
  • Taking a two hour nap after coming back from the morning shift today. I’m all mixed up now.
  • Some Jewish holiday that involves a lot of bonfires. The smoke from THREE bonfires just outside our building came into our apartment and gave me a headache.
  • The amount of milk, bread and eggs three girls can put away. We need a cow and some hens as our pets.


  • Slowly figuring out what Oscar needs to get out of Israel. In your face, EU!
  • Brownies. Um, obviously.
  • 4 new shirts for 150 shekels. Winning!
  • Skyping with people, and hearing from friends! Miss you all!
  • Fun moments at work. Trust me, they make a HUGE difference when it comes to the place I work in.
  • 50 days until hello Seattle!!!
  • NAPS. I heart sleeping.
  • Ice cold Coke when it’s +35 degrees outside.
  • Tan lines. Hey, you’d appreciate them too if you were a palefaced Finn!

Have a sunny, cheerful week!