It’s hot again. I mean, it’s hot every day around here, but today is EXCEPTIONALLY hot. Sizzling. I’m sitting in the livingroom while writing this and enjoying the air conditioning and a cup of chai tea. I know, weird to drink a hot beverage (tea of all of them!) on a hot day, but scroll down to see why tea…


  • I was supposed to take the dog to the vet at the pound to be neutered on Wednesday, but since his allergic reaction episode on Tuesday I decided to give him another week. So I called the vet to cancel the appointment and the guy who answered said: “Well I don’t have an appointment for today at 11am, so whatever.” I’m glad I didn’t go over.
  • Being so exhausted from the heat. We all are.
  • I’ve caught and released 5 mice so far. Is that normal? Well it’s gross at least.
  • I quit drinking coffee for the reminder 42 days of my stay here in Israel. I’m trying to compensate the lack of caffeine with tea and occasionally soda. Hey, I’ve stayed strong for 8 hours already! Wohoo!
  • I’ve become Israeli. But I haven’t decided yet if I like the lipstick so bright red. Thoughts?


  • I bought two pairs of new shoes today! I also had an amazing turkey wrap for lunch. Yums!
  • Being treated by a movie night by two Israeli friends yesterday. We saw The Avengers, which wasn’t actually all that bad.
  • Two free days in a row. Feels like vacation!
  • Sleep. Much needed!
  • Amazing red sunsets and sunrises. Only in the desert! (Okay, in a couple other place too!)
  • This being the beginning of the end of my trip. Sad to go but happy to leave! If that makes sense.

Wow, I think I’ll go crash now. I need another nap 😉 Happy weekend to all!