I survived another hard week again, and thus I had little time for fun things like blogging or ice cream. No wait, I did have some ice cream! 🙂 I can’t believe it was only my second ice cream in Israel. Usually the combination of heat and summer tempts me to eat more than I have.

But anyway, I thought I’d do a short list of what’s been going on here lately. That said, have a nice weekend!

  • Quitting coffee, added sugar and bread all at once made my body go crazy. Of course the pizza and ice cream I ate this week are totally acceptable slips. Plus, I bought some decaff, but it still feels like cheating. Weird.
  • Having secretive ideas about my future. I always do!! 😉
  • Rounding up all my useless stuff and sending one box back to Finland already. I don’t think I’ll need my winter coat in Washington this summer, although if the weather is as cold as it was last summer…. Well I guess I’ll just have to buy new pretty coats from the US then! 🙂
  • I took the dog to the vet again to have his surgery and my appointment was not valid. AGAIN. It was rather frustrating. I hope next Monday when I have the THIRD appointment to that place, they’ll have their act together. Sigh.
  • Missing all the greenness of summer and waterfronts. The desert is only fascinating to a certain extent. And I’m starting to get tired of the constant heat.
  • Realizing I still have 8 vacation days unused! Vacation here I come! 🙂
  • Soon: USA!!!