The heat is unbearable these days. It’s been a long time since it was enjoyable, and we do everything we can to avoid spending time outside during daytime. I can’t even enjoy my time with the puppy, since he suffers even more from the hot air and our walks tend to be rather short due to this.


What makes matters worse is that we have no a/c in our room, so the suffering continues throughout the night. And considering that there’s THREE girls breathing in that small room, a room where we can’t even open the window for the night because we’ll have pigeons flying in. Sigh. No, actually what’s even worse is knowing that the heat is only getting worse day by day because this is only the start of summer. Thank God I’m leaving in 29 days for some cooler horizons.

Fortunately I have a week of vacation before I leave, so I can cool my nerves pack and stress about the dog. I have a feeling that this last month will be plain survival over here…