It’s not at all that bad here, even on the hardest of days. I just tend to channel some frustration into this blog sometimes. During these 5 months now, I’ve had plenty of awesome things happening to me, starting with the fact that during this time I haven’t been in Finland at all. That’s already in itself quite a cool accomplishment for this year.

And what else am I thankful for recently?

  • A Skype voucher my roommate gave me. I used it to call my dad’s mobile phone in Finland for free and surprised him for his birthday today. And my roommate didn’t receive the voucher until this morning. I’m telling you, accidents don’t happen.
  • Today I shipped off the last package by post. I sent one smaller box to Finland last week containing books and shoes I won’t be needing for my trip to the US. Yesterday I sent a TV to the US 😉 , and today I finally sent a bigger box to Finland which has unimportant items for the summer, like woollen socks and a thick coat. Feeling productive!
  • Having NO morning shifts this week! SLEEP, i love u.
  • Quality roommate time, which includes ordering in chicken mushroom spaghetti, trying on bridesmaid’s dresses and shoes, lots of giggling and ridiculously funny humor.
  • Having my vacation approved by higher powers (ie the boss of this place). Don’t tell me it’s not cool that I’m on vacation from 11th to 17th of June and that I’m leaving on the 28th. It’ll be a rough last two weeks, I know (sf).

Life’s good folks!