The end of my trip is almost here!! Dum-da-daa…. It’s fun to explore the world, but I’m also very grateful that this trip is coming to an end now. Unfortunately, it also means that I have to make decisions about my future now. That has never really been by strength in life. I guess this is the time that shows how much guts I have to keep life in order. I take it as a challenge!!

And now to Thursday’s event!


  • Budgeting. I. Hate. It. Especially since there hasn’t been a pay check in 6 months. Especially since I got a dog and he’s eating my money (fortunately not literally, which could be very possible also).
  • The amount of laundry I have these days. I blame the heat and all the sweating.
  • The vets in Israel messing all of Oscar’s information up. How hard can it be??
  • Going to Tel Aviv for the volunteer appreciation day and getting totally lost at a park. Walking for 1½ hours in unbearable heat was not ffffffun.
  • Dehydration headaches. I need more aqua!
  • The amount of sleep I’m clocking again. zzzzzZzzzzz—–>


  • New hair cut and having my nails done! I’m always ready for a little touch-up.
  • Going to an Indian restaurant with my roomie. Yums!
  • Finding a cute red skirt. It wasn’t on sale and who cares!!
  • 13 days. nuff said.
  • Having the week off! Totally needed it, even if going to back to work again will be a pain.
  • Pizza and ice cream for dinner yesterday!
  • Wearing flip flops every day since April. This I will miss about Israel!

Well, I guess it’s hasta luego, my amigos! Enjoy the weekend! 🙂